AIGO Talks, Hilton Hotel Belgrade, June 13

AIGO Talks, Hilton Hotel Belgrade, June 13

The second ever AIGO Talks event was organized in line with our company’s slogan – Smarter System, Smarter Business, on the topic:

Is living in a smart city smart?

Using his trademark humor, our special guest Voja Žanetić opened the panel by simulating a smart city call center operator’s phone conversation.

For the panel, AIGO selected a number of reputable participants with considerable experience in this area, who provided the attendees with new and interesting insights and experiences from big and significant projects:

Mr. Milan Petrović, entrepreneur and advisor on the development of public utility companies in the office of the Mayor of Belgrade,

Mrs. Vesna Damnjanović, the founder and director of Belgrade Business International Case Competition, BBICC,

Mrs. Tijana Manitašević Vujčić, Business Development Executive from Strawberry Energy company,

Mrs. Valentina Milenković, Huawei Channel Director for Adriatic region and Hungary, also a member of the core team for the development of smart cities.

The panel moderator, our colleague Milorad Tomić, Director of Business Development and Investment, asked a number of interesting questions, one of which was: What makes a city smart?

Our speakers agreed that it is smart people who make smart decisions, and that the exchange of knowledge and experience plays a major role in the process of developing the technology for smart cities.

As a company that drives innovation and educates the marketplace about the impact of information technology on the business community and our community as a whole, it is our goal to exchange knowledge and experience at AIGO Talks gatherings.

Make sure you check out our YouTube channel and watch this amazing event in its entirety.

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