Stationery management is yet another task that can either increase or cut your costs

Continuous monitoring of supplies and good organization of procurement process are vital to regular and timely supply of stationery. Companies from unrelated industries may find the entire process too time-consuming and costly.


Procurement optimization prevents unnecessary downtime and reduces storage-related costs

AIGO’s extensive experience in timely and optimal supply of stationery, stemming from cooperation with the biggest companies in the market and state institutions, streamlines the process of procurement makes it more economical. In addition to the regular supply of suitable stationery with an optimal quality to price ratio, AIGO concept of cooperation entails a personalized approach to each client.

AIGO stationery partners

Why AIGO is the right development partner for you

Wide range of products

Wide range of quality products with an optimum quality to price ratio


Many years of experience in supplying a large number of clients


Timely procurement of depleted office supplies without unnecessary overstocking