Do you need a managed ITS partner?

The answer to this question may not be as obvious as it may seem. In order to get it, you should ask yourself some additional questions. Is your IT department sufficiently staffed? Do you use the latest technology at work? Are you sure that your business operations do not bring unexpected expenses? Is your service desk always at your employees’ disposal? Do your computers, printers and other devices function without interruption and downtime? If you are unsure whether the answer to all these questions is affirmative, then cooperating with a managed ITS partner may be the right choice for your business. Outsourcing of IT services and equipment is a common practice of successful companies aiming to optimize the functioning and control of their IT systems.


Complete and transparent control of IT resources ensures swiftness and security of all service desk and help desk activities

AIGO ITS on-site concept is a new standard for service desk and help desk activities, which combines the traditional IT support model across all user locations, with IT support based on organizing complete IT services, IT infrastructure selection and design. As your development partner, AIGO takes on the task of designing and setting up leased ITS infrastructure, help desk activities, or meeting any other ITS requirement. Depending on your business goals and internal IT processes, it is possible to complement your internal IT department with our team of specialists or to completely outsource the department to AIGO team. The concept of managed ITS services, together with a proactive operation of our Service Desk, facilitates, streamlines and speeds up your day-to-day IT management.

Why AIGO is the right development partner for you

Continuous support

Continuous support in addressing current issues and responding to challenges


We deliver consultancy on selecting appropriate IT infrastructure


Reduce the cost of hiring in-house IT experts  

Experienced team

Experienced expert team managing and executing all tasks related to service and help desk