The knowledge you possess may be limiting your ability to grow your business

Just because you know how to do something does not mean no one can do it better than you. It is not hard to believe that internal print management is the best solution. Printing devices are more affordable and user-friendly than ever. This is why their operation is normally entrusted to company workers who will undertake the task only administratively. This can prove to be a more expensive option in the long run.


Print management outsourcing will enable you to fully optimize your business operation

Print management outsourcing is a global business trend for companies seeking to optimize their working hours, task assignment and allocation of available funds. By implementing integrated hardware-software solutions, it is possible to find an adequate way to speed up, simplify and gain better control over your office business operations. In addition to saving time, human resources, and investment, optimizing the use of printers, scanners, fax machines and photocopiers, leads to decreased paper consumption, resulting in further cost reduction.

AIGO outsourcing and MPS solutions, backed by our team’s specialized knowledge on device fleet consolidation methods, bring a tailored response to each client’s needs in a way that makes device and business process management in the field of printing streamlined and economical.

Reap the benefits of our partnership, outsourcing concept and print optimization

Hardware and software update

All our solutions and suggestions for improvement are directed both towards the hardware part of the device and its software, namely control, connectivity and archiving applications.

Remote control

Our offer also includes support in the form of remote control of the printing process. Thanks to this, AIGO insures timely cartridge replacement and service, and automatic delivery of consumables.

Increasing office space efficiency

Through process analysis, we identify opportunities for centralization and therefore the possibility of managing the existing equipment and processes more efficiently.

Cost transparency

By applying our concept, all costs, starting from the level of individual staff members all the way up to the company level, become transparent. That is how we identify the potential to save money and suggest a unique solution that will integrate all existing and new devices into a single system.


The management process also involves our regular reporting to the company management on the current state of affairs and suggestions on further improvements.