Downtime does not only depend on the basic devices you use

To ensure office efficiency, a company must have the necessary resources at its disposal at all times. Apart from properly functioning basic devices, it includes everything that allows them to operate efficiently. Consumables and spare parts are integral components which ensure easy handling of current tasks, although their importance is often overlooked.


The availability of consumables and spare parts is vital to the continuity of all processes

The extensive experience of AIGO team, stemming from the cooperation with the biggest companies in the market, state institutions and other clients from many different industries, provides the basis for establishing efficient and economical office business, especially in terms of consumables and spare parts. In addition to supplying clients with genuine spare parts and consumables with an optimal price-to-quality ratio, AIGO concept of cooperation also involves advising clients on the choice of various available alternatives. Apart from focusing on achieving partners’ business goals, one of the basic AIGO values is sustainable development. For that reason, we work with suppliers that manufacture and operate in accordance to standards which ensure proper waste disposal and preservation of the environment.

Why AIGO is the right development partner for you

Genuine parts

Genuine spare parts and consumables by renowned manufacturers


Providing specialist advice when choosing the right options to meet your business needs


Timely procurement, delivery and replacement of parts


Continuous operational support by a specialized team