Regardless of its quality and reliability, a piece of equipment can fail unexpectedly

Work usually cannot wait, and replacement units are not always available. In such situations, a timely reaction that will produce a fast and quality solution is a priority for AIGO service and clients alike.


Protect your investment in equipment and prolong its life with professional inspections, service and repairs

As part of the company, AIGO service department has been successfully operating and developing for a decade. With more than 30 employees in three regional service centres and support from over 15 subcontractors in Serbia, the repair activities we perform provide indispensable support to many of our clients’ businesses. We ensured the quality of our repair service by deploying innovative solutions within the domain of on-demand service, Managed Print Service, ITS service and a wide assortment of products manufactured by global technological leaders in the area. Our participation in numerous projects of varying scope, with some of the biggest and most reputable companies and public institutions in Serbia and the region, is proof of our expertise.

What makes up our portfolio?

Service within and outside the warranty period

AIGO certified technicians provide all necessary service support. We use genuine spare parts only and carry out repairs as fast as possible, in accordance with the standards specified by our vendors.

Installation/deployment and maintenance

With proper and professional device installation by our technicians and with regular maintenance, we extend the life of your equipment and secure its operational continuity.

On-site repairs

Should conditions allow, our technicians will diagnose the problem on your premises, repair or replace the faulty part, and test the unit before restarting it.

Providing a loaner unit

Sometimes the malfunction can be serious enough to require more time to repair. In order to prevent interruptions in your schedule, AIGO service department will provide you with a loaner unit while service is performed on your current unit.

Pick-up service

In order to save your time, we pick up equipment at your location and bring it back to you once it has been repaired.

Equipment delivery

Delivering repaired equipment to your address is the right way to wrap up our service.

What makes our service department special?

Our highly experienced certified technicians and our service centres equipped with leading platforms, products and tools, guarantee that our clients can count on: ● having their equipment repaired on their premises when needed ● 2-hour response time in high-priority cases ● regular status updates ● free consulting and technical support ● our team being on call 24/7 on client’s request ● diagnosis of reported malfunction within 24 hours after opening the service case

Confirming a successfully completed repair service is part of every process

Before we confirm that the problem has been resolved and return the unit to the client, our solutions are tested in one of our service centres. Our experts are not only service-oriented. Clients can always consult them about matters related to process optimization and easier transition to new solutions aimed to boost efficiency and cut operational costs.


AIGO service department has been in existence for ten years. During this period, it had formed numerous partnerships and acquired the following statuses:

Results we are proud of

0 %

The number of serviced units has grown

from 3.020 to 11.070

0 %

The number of users served has grown

from 396 to 1.206

0 %

The number of field interventions in kilometres has grown from 29.750 to 175.200