Some challenges are not easily addressed using available tools only

Quality software that is tested and approved can meet the majority of your requirements. However, there are certain narrowly specialized areas or purposes no one has identified before you. For that reason, the existing offer of software solutions may not be able to fully satisfy your needs. This is particularly important when deciding which systems within an organization need to be integrated by introducing ERP software in order to increase competitive advantage, and which systems should be kept separate to prevent hindering process functionality. Apart from choosing custom software, its implementation presents certain challenges too. It involves tapping into large amounts of resources, both in terms of data and workers’ time, and the amount of money invested.


Custom software works exactly as envisioned

A company can use several different applications simultaneously. Custom software is developed to be compatible with other tools, so it typically causes fewer problems during the integration process. An ERP solution, as one of the custom software options available, integrates and consolidates functions and processes within an organization, ensuring seamless information flow between its components and minimizing the amount of time required to perform certain tasks. In this way it boosts productivity and facilitates employee communication. Developing custom software may initially seem like a more expensive choice, but it proves to be very beneficial in the long run. This kind of software does not ask for constant modification or development, so it can be used for a long time with no additional investment. The AIGO expert team will analyze your every need and accordingly propose and develop a suitable, unique software solution tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Why AIGO is the right development partner for you


Continuous support from the team that developed your custom software


Flexible, user-friendly, economical software solutions ensuring better service to your clients and granting you the sole ownership of user rights


Our experienced and flexible team tailors software solutions to any specific requirement

Comprehensive service

Our experienced team provides you with a comprehensive implementation and support service