Configuring and upgrading a hardware-based network can be time-consuming and expensive

In order to deploy a functional corporate network, it has traditionally been necessary to place user equipment, i.e. specialized hardware (CPE) at a designated location. Increased workload demands adequate network support. Any changes related to the installation and configuration of services such as L2/L3 VPN routing, firewall, or adding new services, imply that a team of networking technicians visit the actual location of the hardware.

Organizing and performing these activities can be a time-consuming process, which is not a viable option when the response time is vital to the company’s business results. By virtualizing CPE, the entire process of installing, configuring or adding new services is done remotely, which makes device configuration and management simpler, faster and easier.


By migrating functions from hardware to software, the network becomes more agile and efficient.

The concept of software-defined networks (SDN), combined with network function virtualization (NFV), provides a unique level of digital IT network control. Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE) allows separate, specialized devices to be consolidated into a single, general-purpose device, which can later be upgraded using appropriate software independently of specialized hardware. One of the primary reasons why companies are introducing vCPE and SD-WAN solutions is to optimize and manage wide-area network (WAN).

Regardless of transport technology, this kind of solution guarantees secure connection, control of security policies and independent transmission through the network. Centralized management cuts operating costs and capital expenditures while enhancing performance and visibility of business applications. This kind of management and automation will simplify business operations while increasing company’s agility and enhancing user experience.

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